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Simply Running


During my journey from school girl athlete to the Olympic Games and beyond I've had my ups and downs but my passion to run has prevailed throughout. After decades of running I'm still motivated, I'm still having fun and I'm still chasing new finish lines. Through this blog I'd love to share some of the experiences I've had along the way.

From time to time it would be great to hear about what running means to you. I think some people miss the point if they focus only on achievements such as how fast or how far they can run. Whilst these are great I'm so inspired by the life changing quaities of running, how the simple act of running can impact so positively on our lives.


Running has enriched my life in ways that I never imagined when I started out. I continue to find so much pleasure in running and I hope by sharing some of my stories, and a few of your stories, we can inspire each other.

Thanks for all your support.

All the best,

Jo x

Simply Running - a blog by Jo Pavey.

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