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parkrun is simple. Just register online  print your barcode and just rock up and run! Actually, you don’t have to run at all if you don’t want to, especially on your first go. Why not walk it and simply lap up the atmosphere, observe what other people are doing and absorb the positive vibe. Maybe next time try and jog bits of it, you’ll probably meet other people doing exactly what you’re doing and you’ll find moral support in your shared experience. You’ll also get lots of support from the lovely volunteers too.  parkrun is for everyone, including your dog if you have one! You'll also see lots of parents pushing their little ones in a running buggy. parkrun does have the speedsters towards the front, trying to break sixteen minutes, but further back people are trying to get home in under an hour or more. Don't worry about where you will finish, they always have a tail walker at the back, no one is last! The winner isn't the first across the line, it's everyone who crosses the finish line! Everyone is doing their own thing, the way they want to, and that’s one of the reasons why parkrun is such a welcoming and friendly event. I'm a huge fan and I think it's the perfect place for beginners and runners of all abilities.


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