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One of my favourite coastal runs.


We started our group run at the Salcombe Hill carpark opposite the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth. The first part of the trail is relatively flat until you reach the steep drop down to Salcombe Mouth. However, the group split here with some heading down to Salcombe Mouth and the rest followed the inland path through the fields and then woods, which has a much more moderate descent. Emerging from the woods you hit a level section of path which heads further inland hugging the contours of the hillside. When you reach a small hamlet you turn right and hit a short stretch of tarmac lane as you head back towards the sea. We rejoined the cliff edge path above Dunscombe cliffs on the opposite side of Salcombe Mouth. We then headed towards Weston Mouth. The sea cliffs here are about 160m high and the views are stunning.


You have the option of completing a loop run by heading inland towards the Donkey Sanctuary and then along a trail to Salcombe Regis. We opted to run back along the coast path to enjoy the spectacular views all over again.

The map below, from my Strava, shows the inland route avoiding the descent down to Salcombe Mouth.

Salcombe Hill Run.jpg
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