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Who we are:


Jo Pavey is a World, European & Commonwealth medalist and the UK’s only runner to have competed in five Olympic Games.


Gavin Pavey has over twenty five years of coaching experience and coached Jo to all her major championships finals and medals. Gav is a former coaching consultant to British Athletics 2004-2008 and winner of the 2014 British Milers Club national coach of the year.


We are both truly passionate about running and bring all of our enthusiasm to your coaching and mentoring. Both of us have been running continuously since the 1980s and still continue to find so much joy out on a run.

What we do: 


We provide bespoke running coaching for:




commercial organisations





Our goal:


Our primary goal is fitness through fun!


We want to help you to enjoy running, to look forward to a run and never view it as a chore!


One of our major goals is to help you to feel more positive through running. We will help you discover how running can help you flourish in all areas of your life.


We want to help you unlock the joys of running by learning to embrace running in its entirety. This involves helping you with motivation and your mental approach.


How do we do it:


We deliver coaching on a one to one basis using a combination of:


face to face (for local runners)


one to one via phone, email and messaging



Who can sign up:


Anyone! The coaching is aimed at all abilities of runner.


From beginner to elite we will aim to help you get the very best from your running. For some of you speed will be important for others the amazing satisfaction of completing your first 5k is everything! We understand this and tailor the coaching accordingly.



What clients can expect:


You will receive expert coaching and mentoring.


This will be delivered by Gavin and Jo Pavey.


Your schedules are set daily, weekly and monthly depending on your package but will be reviewed in real time if circumstances dictate.


We will encourage you to become part of an amazing running community.


You will have the option to utilise apps like Strava so we can view your training on a day to day basis.



How much does it cost:


Our fees vary depending on the package chosen.


We provide a free service to young athletes depending on their individual circumstances and locality.


How do you sign up:


If you are interested in our coaching service please click here  to make an enquiry.




Jo and Gav