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👀 Worried About Running in Public  👀

Running for the first time can be made all the more daunting when you have thoughts about other people seeing you. All of a sudden it doesn’t feel like such a good idea! Well you’re not alone here, nearly all new runners feel this way!

It’s completely normal to feel self-conscious when you embark on something new; you may be thinking you look too big to run or that you're far too slow but remember all runners were beginners at some point and most will have been anxious like this. Runners come in all shapes and sizes, from across all communities, all ages and you'll encounter a huge range of abilities, it really is one of the most inclusive of all sports. Where you fit in all this doesn't matter! 


Embracing the many positive aspects of running can quickly help you to overcome any fears. Tell yourself this is going to be worth it! It’s not just the health and fitness gains but also the boost to your sense of wellbeing, your confidence and positivity. I can guarantee all these benefits outweigh the apprehensions you might feel, so try to focus your thoughts positively on these when you run. By confronting your fears you will also achieve something positive in its own right and it will soon become much easier once you've been out a few times. Take pride in your achievement and be proud of yourself. Most onlookers are decent people and will probably be wishing they had the get-up-and-go to do it themselves!

It may be worth considering running with other runners as the moral support can be all that’s needed when you start out. There are plenty of running groups out there  or you might know of a friend, neighbour or work colleague that already runs.

Remember it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a runner of many years you will probably encounter the odd bit of cat calling and the best response is to simply ignore it. Shouting back can often make matters worse. I prefer not to even acknowledge their existence and just continue running as if I’m blissfully unaware of them.

If you are concerned about running alone in public then you could also try a local parkrun. These are timed 5k runs every Saturday morning and are completely free. Find out more here 

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