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What I've been up to and what's coming up:

The National Running Show South

This is a fantastic running community event bringing together inspirational speakers and lots of exhibitors. Use the code JO for free tickets

A selection of podcasts:

You can catch me on other podcasts too but here's a selection.

R U N P O D   L I V E

Jenni Falconer present a live show on stage at the National Running Show

Antrim Coast Half Marathon

This is a fabulous half marathon race along the beautiful Antrim Coast. This years event has a packed elite field with some of the greatest distance runners in the world lining up alongside a mass participation field of runners of all abilities. This year I'm going to be joining in and pacing those aiming to run 2 hours. I'll also be bringing my family along to enjoy the kids races. Info:

C Tolle Run

A fun catch up with Carrie Tollefson. We used to race each other on the circuit. We talk about running, motherhood, lockdown and lots of other stuff.

Free Weekly Timed Podcast

Talking to parkrun enthusiasts Vassos Alexander and Helen Williams.

Female Athlete Podcast

A discussion about how as a runner you can have a long career if you manage your body in the right way, whether it's by eating enough calories and keeping a regular menstrual cycle to sensible training...and running for the pure love if it.

RunPod with Jenni Falconer

A chat about motherhood, treadmill running in my cupboard, being coached by my husband and my career.

Wild Running Podcast

A nice chat with Ceri Rees from Wild Running. We also went for a lovely hilly forest run together. Check out the Wild Running website as they offer lots of great events, camps and courses. 

The Runner's World Podcast

A little catch up with the guys at Runner's World and celebrating 25 years of Runner's World. I'm on during the last 20 minutes or so of the show.

Fit For Sport Family Activity Challenge

Take the challenge and have some family fun at home keeping fit together.

Sign up:

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